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 Alyssa Shan: The End

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PostSubject: Alyssa Shan: The End   Thu Sep 08, 2011 5:22 pm

    Student Template:
  • Name: Alyssa Shan
  • Alias: Lyssa, Satele, Satty


  • Age: 17

  • Gender: Female

  • Hair Color/Length: Auburn / Shoulder Length

  • Eye Color: Golden

  • Height: 5'11

  • Weight: 132 lbs

  • General Appearance:

  • Personality: Smart, beautiful, and diligent; those who don't truly know Alyssa would simply see the model student role she plays while at school. In truth, she is secretly obsessed with Vox. She can be quite clingy and is highly fond of stalking him. When obstacles arise that either endanger his life or threatens their relationship, her thoughts turn murderous and she lets nothing get in the way of her path. Lyssa is also able to quickly analyze and adapt to unexpected situations that may arise, and she puts thoughts into action without hesitation, performing what needs to be done without ever losing her nerves. She usually carries around a quiver of high penetration arrows that she makes use of. She always has a spool of high tension wire that she keeps wrapped around her right fist, which she uses as her bowstring.

  • Fighting Style: Satsui no Hadou

  • Sub-Style: Marksmanship (Long Range Eliminations)

  • Stats:

    Strength: 10
    Speed: 30
    Accuracy: 40
    Endurance: 10
    Stamina: 40
    Focus: 40
    Ki Energy: 10


  • Strengths: Murder, being a model student and being there for her best friend.

  • Weaknesses: Being alone, Her Other half, loud noises like Dog Whistles. Such high pitched noises react violently with the conflict inside of her and cause an imbalance and general craziness that usually ends with her lashing out on herself.

  • Abilities: Alyssa Shan has exceptional eyesight, able to easily track a plane Mach 2, and strike with extreme precision, having once before shot and downed a plane moving at said speed. Her aim is legendary, her precision is godly and because I said so, she's crazy.

    She's a nice assassin as well, having lost the human fear of shedding blood with her own hands, she's an assassin tried and true. She's skilled in all types of murder but she never enjoys getting up close and personal, her weak frame can't withstand the bodily damage.


  • Parents: None

  • Siblings: None

  • Relatives: None

  • History: Alyssa's origins begin with a European organization hidden in the shadows, which went by the name of the "Bird of Passage." Aside from her training as a courtesan, very little is known about Alyssa's history. Alyssa was raised exclusively as a courtesan, as the Bird of Passage specialized in forming contracts with powerful people of prestige and dispatching 'bellywarmers' to keep high society targets warm and in good hands, however she was also growing into her mutant abilities. She didn't know what it was at first... but soon enough she had marks falling in love with her... marks going deeply insane with rage. Eventually... she had a man killed. The Bird of Passage eventually took their courtesans... and began training them as assassins. Double the money for half the training. Alyssa was forced into this wave as a child and began killing at a very young age. Due to her upbringing, Alyssa became conflicted. Not only was she being toyed with on a nightly basis by old men.. she was being forced to end lives. They told her that in time she would overcome her feelings, they told her that is was in fact her fault that she was becoming a murdering temptress. It was her skills, her 'abilities' her curse, and she had no one to bear it with. Officials would say that she was slowly developing a psychosis, DID, was what they called it. They'd be right of course but that's not why we're here. We're here to discuss the fact that a 13 year old girl was being forced on her hands and knees everynight, and taken like some cheap whore. She had problems, of course she had problems... but by the time she made her way from Quebec back to the base, she was split in two.

    She needed help, of course she needed help but who could she even ask for help in a world that used her body for sex, money and murder. She didn't know what to do and be it divine happenstance or a combination of her powers and desire she managed to form a mirror. A crystalline mirror inside her mind that didn't just show what she was.. but what she desired to be. In the mirror she chose to change who and what she was. On the inside and out. She became a woman. A tall and beautiful woman, one that would look good for what she did and that would feel great about what she did. She created a doll that could be her mannequin in times of need. Not only did she give the doll a name but she gave the doll thoughts and feelings. She gave the doll a name and a voice. Both of which she could use for flirting, murdering, deceiving and protecting. Assyla took on the form of an older sister to Alyssa, only wanting to take away her pain, however in time the needs of her creator became second nature to her own. She had become so enthralled in doing what she was created to do that she stopped shielding Alyssa from it.

    She would leave the link between the two completely open whenever she was doing her duties, she scarred and damaged the child more then her job ever did. Eventually however, a glimmer of hope arose in her mind. She realized the pain she was putting her other half through and decided to help her out. Reaching into the mind of her supportive spirit she managed to clear her mind of the dark thoughts. She removed the dark feelings and the bad thoughts and put Alyssa into a soft stasis. She didn't know her own strength and while her intentions were good she might've been a bit too overzealous with her liberating of Alyssa's mind. She reverted her not only in thoughts and theories but in time as well. It took up a considerable amount of her power as well. Both women went into a sleep for a long time. Alyssa was the first awake and while she had no recollection of what happened, she did know something had, as she could hear her.

    She could hear her, like a Siren deep in the ocean of her subconscious. A voice singing a sad lonely song to her. She couldn't help but listen... alarms were going off in her mind.. a cacophony of warning sounds and shrieks but she had to listen. She dove into the waters and made her way towards the sound but when she came up to the melodic tones of the angel in her dreams, she learned the true meaning of snake in paradise.The woman was smart, she had all the answers almost like a mother comforting a wounded child. She promised to take all the pain away and as she held the sad child against her chest she did indeed, take the pain away. Almost like a stunt double she took Alyssa's place both in spirit and in form. She whipped away the body of the scared little girl and replaced it with one of experience, of glamor and of taste. She spent 4 weeks under the waves, 4 weeks watching her body and trying to understand the feelings that had overcome her. Eventually she found her way above the breaking waves and managed to wrestle the woman to the ground. It was an hour before the two of them got things set straight. an hour that seemed to stretch on for years. When the moon rose over their argument and Alyssa was brought back to what was going on with her body. She was in an Orphanage. She was informed that the people she had been found with were killed and she was the only survivor.

    It took her many a year before she was actually adopted but when she was, she felt something of an odd relief. Although she struggled to adapt to an "average" life, Alyssa ruminated on the new freedoms that were provided, and decided that this new life could be acceptable. However, Alyssa's peaceful new existence didn't last for long, as, after 'she' was scolded for releasing the youngest daughter's pet bird, 'she' murdered her entire adoptive family in a blind rage. It wasn't her fault of course, Assyla had grown tired of the mundane and the normal and so she tried to force her hand. Alyssa ran from the house and ran away from it all, focusing on solitude and mastering her abilities. She found her way to psychiatrist after psychiatrist and they all found nothing wrong with her. As hard as she tried to couldn't force Assyla to the surface if her life depended on it. Eventually however the other voice went silent and she was left with a constant nagging in her head as she found her way to Tatakai. The people there were understanding of her problem.. they accepted her. And outside of school... they hired her for jobs that only assyla could complete.You know what they say.. such is life.


  • RP Test: "Ooh.. so many choices!" She looked around the room for a while, noting some people looking more anxious then others. Finally her eyes came to rest on a woman in the front row. Tapping her wand to her own head for a moment she focused on the woman's mind. "You... Cassandra, please join me on stage!" The room lit up in cheers and applause as Cassandra, obviously confused made her way up to the stage. Do.... have we met before? Zatanna laughed and gestured to the table she had set up one last time. "Please take a seat, my dear... and I assure this... this is the first time we've met." As Cassandra made her way over to the table she turned to the crowd and smiled, using her wand once more like a microphone. "As my last performance of the night ladies and gentlemen... I'm going to be doing some next level magic.. " The crowd mostly began looking around, trying to find out where the magic was coming from... trying to search for the misdirection.

    She cleared her throat and threw out her hands, letting her sleeves rustle. "Hey, pay attention to me! I'm fascinating." The crowd focused back on her and laughed a bit as she walked over to Cassandra. Her voice within bearable human range she spoke to the woman. "This is going to be a trivial experience for you... but I promise you.. when you wake up.. You'll feel better then you ever have in your entire life. " Squeezing Cassandra's hand she laid her down on the table and took out her wand. "I learned this trick from a friend of mine! Someone... who will be coming to see us very soon!" Turning and aiming her wand at the lying Cassandra she raised her hand for complete silence. A hush fell over the crowd as she focused. "Ardnassac emoceb na legna!" While she disliked using real magic in her shows... she thought that Gotham needed something to talk about for a few weeks instead of the Dark Knight.

    Cassandra's body floated into the air for a moment before turning her back to the crowd. The black dress she had on faded away into a long flowing white robe before two holes popped out of the back. Cassandra's eyes opened and she shook in the air. It was a few seconds before... boom. Wings. Beautiful 12 inch white wings sprouted from her back and she spun around before flying out into the crowd. The spotlights followed after her as she floated through the air, cheering and screaming. Tears running down her face as she flew. "Voila!" Zatanna smiled and crossed her arms. Pointing her wand at the skylight the glass seemed to fold backwards like a roof on a convertible. "Fly Free!"

    Cassandra smiled and took to the night sky, flying away from the location. Part of the spell was that the second Cassandra hit open air.. she'd land in an alleyway, her wings would vanish and she'd walk her way home before going to sleep. She couldn't just have people flying around. The spotlights focused again on Zatanna and she bowed twice before walking off stage, most of the crowd too flabbergasted to even realise what had just happened.

    Exiting the stage, she got two steps away from it all before the massive applause came over the area like a roar. She smiled and wiped her forehead of sweat. Great show... and it was just the first of many.. Zatanna Zatara was back. She made her way back into her dressing room and sat down in her chair before taking off her hat. She leaned back in her chair before looking over her shoulder to see someone resting on her couch. "You missed the show, friend... but this dressing room is off limits. If you could ever so kindly leave?" She stood up from her chair and put the hat back on before picking up her wand. She could never be too careful when it came to people in this town.

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PostSubject: Re: Alyssa Shan: The End   Wed Sep 14, 2011 6:45 pm

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Alyssa Shan: The End
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