A school compiled of some of the most top ranking fighters in the city of Sakiao.
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 Arc. 1- Solidarity Compromised [Mar. 11. 2012]

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PostSubject: Arc. 1- Solidarity Compromised [Mar. 11. 2012]    Thu Sep 08, 2011 8:36 pm

For years the school compiled of numerous fighters from many aspects of life have lived in bliss, studying under their illustrious principle. Though limited information about this man is known, such as his very appearance, students and faculty comply with his instruction indirectly. With the lack of knowledge given by the principle things still are ran in an orderly manner. There were no specific complication other than those typical students that think that they could get away with anything because of their fighting prowess, but they were dealt with, no need for serious implications of punishment. There was a certain atmosphere about the academy and the city itself that radiated peace. At one point of the school year some students took it upon themselves to 'protect' the city.

Their endeavors were to rid the city of the filth that polluted it, they went on a rampage, slaughtering hundreds of people that they saw as the things that were polluting the city. Their motives, they specified as righteous left behind a trail of blood that was thicker than any run-of-the-mill criminal could fathom. The select few of of the students thought that their methods would be condoned by the academy. Their ideal came crashing down around them when they found out that the Tatakai had disowned them as students and in fact supported the people that sought out to terminate them for their reckless acts. The students mental stability began to fall into question, their targets switched from the scum of the city to the general population. Their reckless abandon lead to even more blood shed, the academy had severed their ties to the students yet they were responsible for teaching them to refine their skills. These particular students were advanced, more so than anyone else in the academy so this of course would spell out even more trouble, not even using their full potential they would be able to bring the city to it's knees.

Months went by as the rogue students did what ever they pleased, the death toll steadily rose over the duration. The principal refused to intervene himself so arranged for another authority to deal with the problem, a man of considerable strength and tactical geniuses was put in authority of a small group of mercenaries. That man's name was Isamu Nagi, a force to be reckoned with. As the leader of the mercenaries he had cultivated a series of scenarios to take down the threat of the city. In order to neutralize their targets it would take more than sheer force. The rogue students were taught the arts of tactics and other methods to combat but their intellect wasn't on par with Isamu's. Nagi Isamu had singled out one particular scenario that both immobilized and suppress the elite power of the threat. While in the midst of a fight the mercenaries carried out the orders of Isamu, executing them perfectly. The fight fell into place like Isamu had planned, with all priorities set he gave the order to execute the threat, and with that they were taken out without any hassle. The ordeal was rather quiet, which wasn't actually predetermined by Isamu but it all worked in his favor.

The group had fulfilled their task and were paid handsomely, they separated, no longer having a purpose to stay together. After a while the principle of Tatakai contacted the tactician and proposed that he start up an organization to make a profit from protecting civilians from impending dangers. Isamu took it into consideration and after a short time he decided to establish the type of organization recommended. Isamu recruited the mercenaries that he had used before and offered permanent employment, some accepted graciously and others refused him. All in all he had a fair amount of members to establish his cause, he named that cause 'Eternal,' for no matter what the cost their acts of justice and ideals will live on forever, despite what may happen to them in battle. Thus the great organization, Eternal, was born it took years to build base of operations but once they were finished the building was amongst the tallest in the city. They are now one of the most respectable defense organizations, next to the academy itself. Despite the death of the original leader, Isamu, the position of leader of the organization is open to any fighter that find themselves capable of passing an execution of strategic ability.

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Arc. 1- Solidarity Compromised [Mar. 11. 2012]
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