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 Ki Specifications

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PostSubject: Ki Specifications    Sat Jan 29, 2011 8:06 pm


Ki Energy

First off, as you have viewed in the clip presented, Ki Energy has a visual present, an aura if you will. This aura may vary in color due to someones strength, personality, or state of mind. Next, Ki energy is a spiritual aspect that makes your character, punch harder, move faster, and endure a beating longer. [Ass Kicking.] With this said I'll present an example as to how it may be used.

Ex.- Billy Boy planted his feet into the ground and too straightened out his back, readying himself to present his technique. He focused his spirit and channeled a 30% dosage of Ki into his right fist. He waited a moment for the power to fluctuate once he felt at the right moment he forced his fist forward, at it's peak a stream of blue energy surged from the tip of his fist.

Ki energy can also cause damage to the body if overly used as well. There is a toll every time the Ki is overly exerted for example if your character is in the middle of a fight and all they have used is Ki energy strikes, there will be a toll towards your characters body, such as internal bleeding, numbness of the limbs, ect.
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Ki Specifications
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