A school compiled of some of the most top ranking fighters in the city of Sakiao.
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 couple of suggestions

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PostSubject: couple of suggestions   Sun Jan 15, 2012 8:02 pm

1. characters

  • You make mention of yokai, but have no char app for it. I was wondering if yokai are playable at all.
  • Just like yokai, you seem to have nothing for normal citizens/people not affiliated with any factions, but I can let this one pass in order to get more people under the student rank. xD
  • Rp Test - I've always thought these are totally unnecessary, but if you think otherwise then ok. XD

2. board

There's just way too many boards... especially for a new site, it'll kill it for people to come and see it all inactive. I'd recommend only keeping the main things and sticking as much as you can into sub boards. (if you want me to I'll come back to this once I figure out where to stick everything)

Here is my suggestion on how to order the boards:


Tatakai Campus

Administrative Building
- Library
- School Auditorium
- Infirmary
- Dining Hall
- Car Garage
- Dormitories


Gymnasium (this could be a sub under Admin Building or Training grounds)

Training Grounds
- Firing Range

Eternal Premises

Primary Building
- Rooms
- Gym
- Cafeteria
- The Abyss
- Armory

Training Areas
- Simulation Room
- Isolation Chamber
- Sparing Center

Sakiao City

- Shopping Center, Central Fountain, Arcade
- Clock Tower
- Sinners Paradise
- Subway Station

Hoshikuro Park
- Hoshikuro Forest, Sennishi Shrine, Sekai Falls

Rest of the City
- Steel Region
- Crimson Region
- Saki Bridge
- Sakiao Beach (this could have it's own board if you want)

Genesis - delete? (what is this exactly?)

Mount Sahashi - this mostly works for me but if you want:

Sahashi Forest

Sahashi Temple (possibly a sub of the forest)

Yōkai Domain
- Aoni Springs
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Posts : 2
Join date : 2012-01-15

PostSubject: Re: couple of suggestions   Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:14 pm

there finished my suggestion for the arrangement of the boards. placing most of the stuff in sub boards for now will make the forum look more active.

also, how does the point distribution for classes work, do you just give us a random amount once the char is done? o-o
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couple of suggestions
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