A school compiled of some of the most top ranking fighters in the city of Sakiao.
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 Rono Ryuusai

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PostSubject: Rono Ryuusai    Mon Jan 16, 2012 12:13 am

    Student Template:

  • Name: Rono Ryuusai
  • Alias: Demon Wolf


  • Age: 18

  • Gender: Male

  • Hair Color/Length: Black||Short

  • Eye Color: Black/Grey [When using Ki]

  • Height: 6'0"

  • Weight: 178 lb.

  • General Appearance:

    Rono stands at a humble height of six feet, his body type is that of a fit young man. His skin completion is of a mid caramel tone, his hair is cold black and has a light sheen it. His hair is cut low, forming an even line up across his head. He wears black plate earring at all times and has a cold steel dog tags, both marked with different words in kanji. One reads "sky," the other "wolf." His eyes are also cold and black like the things her wears, they seem all the more soulless when shown in comparison with the unforgiving darkness of the night sky.

    They are probably capable of rattling even the most strongest of men, those same eyes play a key component of intimidation. Usually during the day he is at school, a college that requires him to wear a rather commercial uniform. He is to wear a white button down shirt with the insignia of the college stitched firmly to the right outside pocket of the shirt. The pants of the uniform, still black and always are creased neatly. The shoes of cores black just as the pants, the entire uniform is wrung together with a cool black long tie that falls down to the mid half of his slightly narrowed, yet toned torso. His informal clothes consist of the same colors, bland, yes but satisfying to him. There was always something about simplicity that attracted him.

  • Personality:

    He's somewhat cold-hearted at times, but that probably comes natural for a person looking out for himself all the time. His family was never there to embrace him and make him feel loved, he was abandoned but he always managed to look at the light side of life. The hatred caused him to drift off to the dark side. He is often fighting and has a short temper. He is funny at times when he wants to be well at least what he thinks is funny.( Which is terrorizing other people for no reason.) When in his serious mood he seems a bit emo but that's just the way he is. He is also very interested in girls....so I guess you can say pervy at some points but he can restrict it. He has a vast verity of personality but the main sticks to his very not talkative.He sometimes gets carried away while other people are in trouble and he steps in to help. Even if it's to a higher up, he sees no line between him and authority, in his eyes this person that is only in his way.

    |Level Headed|- It's on rare occasions that someone or something ever strike a nerve with him. In his eyes the world is but a short time slot to make your impression on other being before you fade into darkness. He figures that tedious things such as anger should get in his way of completing said objective. With anger come an irrational mind, irrational mind leads to stupid decision, which ultimately leads to misery or some other negative emotions. Seder ties to negative emotion or at least filter it out. The only things that actually get under his skin is threats to his loved ones or to the thing he loves,or anyone that seems to be in distress really. Also if his

    |Courageous|- If something were to get in his way he would do everything in his power to over come that obstacle. His ability to persevere through harsh situation only furthers his drive. Fear in a small component of awareness to him, getting an objective done is his only goal, if the situation causes for uneasy action he in, no hesitation, this may be a negative fraction of personality or human awareness, but that's just something that he has work on.

    |Ambitious|- Looking at the sky with admiration is an intent to swells most human, but Rono seems to go beyond the sky, and break into another dimension his fortitude has no bounds. With error he gets back up and try again until he surpassed the expectations of the set trial. To become the best at all is his unachievable goal, yet knowing that it is very well impossible it makes him want to be the best even more so than anyone would every know. To touch the moon, with his own two hands and allow the illumination of the stars to shine bright on his flesh while doing so.

    |Stubborn|- Rono makes it his mission to do something he does it to the tee. No one can tell him otherwise. If they do he only finds them annoying and is even more difficult to deal with. Co-operation is something that has to be earned and if it isn't an entire situation may be compromised to to his inability to do so. He is very thickheaded but if told to do something enough and he has even the slightest interest in it he would consider adhering to another suggestions or orders.

  • Fighting Style:


  • Sub-Style:

    Street Fighting

  • Stats:

    Strength: 40
    Speed: 50
    Accuracy: 10
    Endurance: 10
    Stamina: 30
    Focus: 20
    Ki Energy: 10


  • Strengths: His sense of observation is impeccable. He is able to reach someones body language, or positioning of meticulous things. If someone were to move a vase even a centimeter from it's positioning he would be able to tell.

  • Weaknesses: His impatiences gets the best of him if he doesn't get things to go the way he wants them to. Often times in a fight and he doesn't land a blow far a while in he becomes enraged and his focus is thrown off.

  • Abilities:


  • Parents: Father-Kenta Ryuusai [Deceased]|| Mother-Masami Ryuusai [Deceased]

  • Siblings: Maya Ryuusai

  • Relatives: ---

  • History:

    Rono was born into a family or poverty, his mother sickly and his father a deadbeat drunk. As a young boy he was always forced onto the streets to beg for money to help support their family. Rono has no objections to this transaction for to beg meant to live, every cent to them counted. Rono never really enjoyed his time on the streets strolling for chump change, a young boy witnessed the scorn of the world; the greed of man. Few people were actually willing to give up their money to give to some strange kid on the corner, in fact they actually talked about him as they walked off. "Where is his mother? I would be so ashamed..." These words made Rono's teeth cringe and his skin crawl on edge. Just because he was a boy on the corner that doesn't mean that he didn't have common sense and impaired hearing! Despite all the being talked down on he had to bear with it to support his family, the only possible thing keeping him closest to sanity.

    As time progressed about the time Rono was seven his father abandoned his post, he jumped ship before the women he was soo in love with died a painful and agonizing death. For months it was just Rono and his withering mother, like a wilting flower her skin changed from beautiful and vibrant to pale and dry. He gave still had that brilliant gloss to them and her smile was still as warm as she was when she was well. It made Rono happy to see that at least that hadn't left her. It wasn't in him to despise his father for leaving but make no mistake he wasn't his favorite person either, he just couldn't handle the stress, who could blame him, even his mother held no hostility towards him. Rono stood by her side until the bitter. There came a silence over the poverish house hold, no cracks in the brittle floors or anything, as the once beautiful women's life force escaped her the house itself seemed to die. Rono wept and mourned as any normal human would but he had no choice but to get over such a thing if he wanted to survive. The time for childish notions was over for him.

    As he grew up things were even more testing, not having anybody to fall back on, no one to help him when things got real. Rono was the age of at least fifteen while on the corner in the rain, people with umbrella's walked past him, come of them in pairs having one to themselves. They shot him the same looks he saw as a kid. He sighed as he sat there watching the people pass him by with their casual smiles and laughter, a happiness he only knew with his mother. He lowered his hand after about thirteen dollars in change, something that he never usually got but people must have been feeling generous. He figured that was about all that he was gonna get from the pedestrians. He sealed the money inside an old guitar case, then got up and went on his way until some guy ran past him at full sprint, taking the case out of Rono's hand. Naturally Rono ran after him without hesitation but from lack of food his energy was depleted and felt that he was getting nowhere. His pace began to slow up as he held a hand towards the mans direction, yelling out that he's been robbed. As Rono stopped someone else broke past him and began to hound down the man that had stolen the case. They quickly cut a corner and dipped into an alley way where the thief was caught but the man refused to give up.

    He insisted on fighting back but the pedestrian had no objection, he actually smirked while dodging the thief's painfully slow punches, with a solid blow to the jaw the pedestrian laid the thief out on the ground. He advanced over towards the case, picked it up and began to walk back out of the alley, to where Rono was standing there in "ah. " He just handed the case off to Rono and began to walk away as if the entire ordeal was nothing to him. Rono stopped him and tightened his hold of the case. "I didn't need your help!" The man stopped and glanced back at Rono. "Are you some kind of dumb ass? If I hadn't intervened, the money you sat on that corner all day for, in the RAIN would have been taken away just like that..."He sighed and tuned around to face Rono. "Look if you're gonna do this for the rest of your life there is no doubt you are going to be robbed once in a while...if not every day." He smirked and looked at Rono with a demon's eyes.

    "This world is compiled of two types of people kid! Prey or predator! The sooner you learn that the sooner you'll be better off." He began to walk off again but then stopped after a few steps. "Oh yeah, what you're doing; the way you are doing it you are the prey." Rono looked at him and snarled, dropped the case, ran after him, turned him around with one hand and punched him square in the face with the other. The man smirked and lifted his body as his forehead bled out. "Nice punch you got there, kid." With everything Rono expected a retaliation but one never came. "Tell you what, come with me and I can make that punch ten times stronger, when that happens money will not be an issue, I assure you." Rono thought of all that he had, nothing came to mind, he had nothing to lose but everything to gain. Rono accepted the invitation, like the man said he honed Rono's skills in fighting and gave him an opportunity to fight for money in an underground fighting facility where people placed bets on fighters, a majority of his fights were won by sheer skill, Rono was unbeatable. A God amongst ants.


  • RP Test:

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Rono Ryuusai
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