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 Yokai Template

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PostSubject: Yokai Template   Mon Jan 16, 2012 10:24 am

    Yokai Template:
  • Name: [Characters name.]
  • Alias: [Ex.-The Tank of East side!]


  • Age: [Yokai may live to be up to a thousand years old but the common age ranges from 200 to 400.]

  • Visual Age: [Yokai may look completely younger than their actual age.]
  • Gender: [M/F]
  • Hair Color/Length: [Feet and inches]
  • Eye Color:
  • Height: [Feet and inches please]
  • Weight: [Pounds please]
  • General Appearance:

    Human form- [What does your human forum look like?]

    True form- [Yokai are monsters, they vary in appearance. Large, small, so and and so forth. Some resemble animals that reside in the world around you.]

  • Personality: [Please be very detailed in this field, we would like to know every aspect of your characters personality. A solid paragraph will be required.]

  • Fighting Style: [What art of fighting do you prefer? Muay Thai, Karate, Taekwando, or even good'ol Street fighting.]

  • Sub-Style: [What other fighting method do you practice]

  • Stats:

    [Depending on the application you will be provided a set number to distribute to each of the skills.]

    Ki Energy:

    Strength: (How hard your Punches hit and how much damage they do. If someone with 210 Strength clashed with someone with 90 Strength. The 90 strength person will most undoubtedly die.)

    Accuracy: (How well your aim is, including blows at high speed. Meaning if your Accuracy is low and you're running at 40 mph, that blow you aimed at your enemies gut, probably wont' hit.)

    Endurance: (This is a your standard Defensive stat. This is how many punches you can take, how well you can defend against powerful people and how many shots it'll take to kill you.)

    Stamina: (Stamina is Stamina! How long you can fight without getting winded, how long you can run, swim, bike, hold your breath. Etc. Etc.)

    Focus: (This is a Weaponmaster's baby. With no Focus under your belt, you have no skill with a weapon, no idea on how to hold it.. look at it, even call it's name. This also effects your weapon damage. With a High Focus you can do Dante Level manuevers with your sword and be proud of it.)

    Ki: (Ki is how well you can manipulate your Ki abilities. Making Constructs, weapons. Summons. The world is at your disposal with Ki.... Don't overlook it.)


  • Strengths:

    [What is your character good at? What are they mostly known for?]

  • Weaknesses:

    [Things that get to your character, emotional wise, vulnerable spot on the anatomy, restriction, etc.]

  • Abilities:

    [Describe what your character is great at, Extreme Speed, Parkour, Cooking. Anything you get up to 3 abilities, however don't expect to get away with Enhanced Speed, Super Strength and Major Durability. If you DARE OP your character in this setting you will face the wrath of the staff.]
  • Parents: [Mother and Father or what ever the hell spawned your character.]
  • Siblings: [Brothers, Sisters, can be adopted or whatever.]
  • Relatives: [Any other notable relatives.]
  • History: [A solid detailed paragraph is required in order to be approved.]

    [The length and appeal of the history and role play sample depends on if you want an elite ranking on the forum or not.]

  • RP Test:
    [Once you have completed the rest of your application, contact an Admin request an RP Test. We will then administer one to you, and it is up to you to Roleplay out the entire sequence with an appropriate length. Once again, please don't write 100 words for an elite rank, or you will be denied and forced down a single rank.]


[list][center][size=20][u][b]Student Template:[/b][/u][/size]
[*][b]Visual Age:[/b]
[*][b]Hair Color/Length:[/b]
[*][b]Eye Color:[/b]
[*][b] General Appearance:[/b]

[u]Human form-[/u]

[u]True form-[/u]

[*][b]Fighting Style:[/b]

Ki Energy:



[*][b]RP Test:[/b]
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Yokai Template
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