A school compiled of some of the most top ranking fighters in the city of Sakiao.
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 Student Template

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PostSubject: Student Template    Sat Aug 27, 2011 8:58 pm

    Student Template:
  • Name: [Characters name.]
  • Alias: [Ex. The Tank of East side!]


  • Class: [Freshmen||Sophomore||Junior||Senior]

  • Age: [Character Age]

  • Gender:[M/F]

  • Hair Color/Length:

  • Eye Color:

  • Height: [Feet and inches please]

  • Weight: [Pounds please]

  • General Appearance:

  • Personality:

    [Please be very detailed in this field, we would like to know every aspect of your characters personality. A solid paragraph will be required.]


  • Fighting Style:

    [What art of fighting do you prefer?]

  • Sub-Style:

  • Stats:

    [Depending on the application you will be provided a set number to distribute to each of the skills.]

    Ki Energy:

    Strength: (How hard your Punches hit and how much damage they do. If someone with 210 Strength clashed with someone with 90 Strength. The 90 strength person will most undoubtedly die.)

    Accuracy: (How well your aim is, including blows at high speed. Meaning if your Accuracy is low and you're running at 40 mph, that blow you aimed at your enemies gut, probably wont' hit.)

    Endurance: (This is a your standard Defensive stat. This is how many punches you can take, how well you can defend against powerful people and how many shots it'll take to kill you.)

    Stamina: (Stamina is Stamina! How long you can fight without getting winded, how long you can run, swim, bike, hold your breath. Etc. Etc.)

    Focus: (This is a Weaponmaster's baby. With no Focus under your belt, you have no skill with a weapon, no idea on how to hold it.. look at it, even call it's name. This also effects your weapon damage. With a High Focus you can do Dante Level manuevers with your sword and be proud of it.)

    Ki: (Ki is how well you can manipulate your Ki abilities. Making Constructs, weapons. Summons. The world is at your disposal with Ki.... Don't overlook it.)


  • Strengths:

    [What is your character good at? What are they mostly known for?]

  • Weaknesses:

    [Things that get to your character, emotional wise, vulnerable spot on the anatomy, restriction, etc.]

  • Abilities:

    [Describe what your character is great at, Extreme Speed, Parkour, Cooking. Anything you get up to 3 abilities, however don't expect to get away with Enhanced Speed, Super Strength and Major Durability. If you DARE OP your character in this setting you will face the wrath of the staff.]

  • Parents: [Mother and Father or what ever the hell spawned your character.]

  • Siblings: [Brothers, Sisters, can be adopted or whatever.]

  • Relatives: [Any other notable relatives.]

  • History: [A solid detailed paragraph is required in order to be approved.]

    [The length and appeal of the history and role play sample depends on if you want an elite ranking on the forum or not.]


  • RP Test:

    [Once you have completed the rest of your application, contact an Admin request an RP Test. We will then administer one to you, and it is up to you to Roleplay out the entire sequence with an appropriate length. Once again, please don't write 100 words for an elite rank, or you will be denied and forced down a single rank.]

[list][center][size=20][u][b]Student Template:[/b][/u][/size]




[*][b]Hair Color/Length:[/b]

[*][b]Eye Color:[/b]



[*][b] General Appearance:[/b]


[*][b]Fighting Style:[/b]



Ki Energy:











[*][b]RP Test:[/b]
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Vice Takahashi


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PostSubject: Vice Takahashi character info (student)   Sat Jan 26, 2013 2:38 pm

    Student Template:
  • Name:Vice Takahashi
  • Alias:White liger


  • Age:15

  • Gender:male

  • Hair Color/Length:white/ mid short

  • Eye Color: crimson

  • Height:5'4

  • Weight:155lbs

  • General Appearance[img][/img]:

  • Personality:childish shy a bit psycho

  • Fighting Style: Resshūken

  • Sub-Style:jeet kune do

  • Stats:

    Ki Energy:50


  • Strengths:fearless,friends,Child Prodigy,speed,agility

  • Weaknesses:weak mind,easily missed guide,not all there in the head

  • Abilities: free running, very flexible,black smith skills


  • Parents:M.I.A

  • Siblings:none

  • Relatives:N/A

  • History::vice is a strange boy who's marshal arts master was the legendary fighter asylum bloodbath turner" who was known for wild and crazy way of fighting using and fusing advanced fighting styles to crate some what of a super ultimate fighting style. Tho many of his test subjects or as some would call victims died during the training and when all seemed lost he stumbled upon an orphan child a 10 year old boy named Vice. He made a deal with the young boy named vice and took the child in and began training him and in return the child was allowed to stay with him but only as long as he completed his training and saw it threw till the end. 6 years went by and vice trained hard everyday never giving up and somehow always found a way to fight threw his pain and never give up he then became a child prodigy and Asylum had grown attached to the boy and treated him like his own son but before he pasted away do to sudden illness he was able to create the perfect fighting style and name it "Resshūken" the perfect super ultimate fighting style ever created using which granted the people who mastered it a mystical power that held a large amount of what is called "psycho energy"(a rare and unstable ki energy source found in the depths of a humans mind,body and soul and is fused into one with enough power to punch a hole straight threw the moon when finally mastered) Asylum passed on the"psycho energy"to Vice the only one he had grown so close too as his student and his child. But he became unstable ,highly unpredictable and very hard to control like a small child so asylum locked him away in ki barrier field around his DoJo to contain the boy for as long as possible and to protect him from using his new power for evil.But when asylum dead vice escaped and is out an about in the free world for the first time in years now the friends and decisions he makes could make or break this world as he searches for a place to fit in. and thats when he heard about the Tatakai Academy and decided to give it a try


  • RP Test:
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Student Template
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