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 Classes/Subjects [Teacher avalibility positions]

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PostSubject: Classes/Subjects [Teacher avalibility positions]   Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:45 am


This thread will verify the availability of a class. This pertains to teachers only. If there is another subject one would like to add to the listings please inform me and I'll be glad to accommodate you.


Study particular events in the past that are pertinent to the fighting world today, the cultivation of martial arts and fighting itself.


|Strategic Thinking|-

The teaching of tactical methods and maneuvering in the mist of battle. Teaching students the way of using the mind to overcome specific situations and scenarios.


|Environmental Conditioning|-

The world throws all types of things at you, things that you must be able to handle. To prepare you for the harshness of that world you must ready yourself for any type of climate, restrictions, and disadvantages.


|Combat 101|-

Though students are gifted in a variety of fighting styles, doesn't mean that they have completely mastered them. The teacher of this subject would have to endued with extent knowledge of a wide range of martial arts and combat methods. With this knowledge the the teacher will push the students to their peak potential.



Tranquility and suitableness is a vital aspect for fighting as well, composure, stability. Art conveys the values of such components. Patience is required for this field and is pertinent to advance.


|Ki Control|-

Ki energy can be a very reckless thing if not used correctly, over exerting it can end up in harm to the host. With this class students will be instructed in various methods, one may even further the status of the flow of there Ki. A higher class or category of ki is an elemental manipulation, from basic elements like, fire, water, earth, and air. To extensions of those basic elements or perhaps even further.


|Fight Science|-

For those that are interested in the human stature of limitations and the analysis of the anatomy of a broad amount of creatures. Study the advantages that every species have in a particular area of fighting, mental aesthetics, muscular system, vital points, etc. With this knowledge in a fighters arsenal it may be rather easy to bring their opponent down.



Here the thoughts or ideals of the meaning of life is taught or explained rather sharing opinions of which a variety of civilizations thought were the prime reason for existence.


|Physical Education|-

In order to keep students at peak physical performance level this class is. Physical education will teach one to push themselves, train their bodies, running rivalries with their peers and expand beyond the norm that they may be accustomed to.

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Classes/Subjects [Teacher avalibility positions]
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