A school compiled of some of the most top ranking fighters in the city of Sakiao.
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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules    Sat Jan 29, 2011 7:35 pm


These are the rules and all while I'm a laid back person and all of that of that nature I ask that you follow these rules.If not Followed you will be thoroughly as my staff as well as friends see appropriate. I would really appreciate if you actually read the rules and not pass them up like most do.

Here they are....

1.)Only one account per person and one character per account. Unless given special permission.

2.) There can be cursing but only a certain about of it.... there is a limit for everything.

3.) No sexual harassment to our female members! That's just sick to all the perverts! Only if she agrees to what ever...

4.) Use correct grammar and punctuation. And no run-ons either. It's it's very difficult to understand when someone is completely messing over the English language.

5.)While fighting their shall be no not getting hit every person in a fight must be punch a couple of times even if your on elite level. It would be simply unfair to just beat the crap out of someones character without getting hit so much as one time.
No one is indestructible here not even me.

8.) Please respect other members, mods. and Admins. Do not say anything that would be raciest or offensive in any other way against someone else, for it will result in immediate ban or some other form of punishment....simply not cool.

9.) Your character application (or Character Sheet, as you may hear it be called sometimes) MUST be approved before you can roleplay IC. And if you want a custom weapon it must be approved as well.

10.) If their is a problem and you bring it up with anyone apart of my staff and they disagree please don't argue because it would get you into trouble, simply put.

11.) Don't kill another person's character without their permission, or your character may end up being killed and remember, though this is a fictional RP site, a character's death will still be permanent.

12.) no spamming, anywhere...Except for the designated area.

13.) While(in character) then please don't post any one-liners. It's really bothersome to the person who posts a long and descriptive posts. Maybe 5 lines minimum.

14.) A Character may only be in 3 "Different" Places at once. Meaning you can only be in 3 topics at once.

15.) You are allowed to date and do...."sex"....but only in private topic. Put a ratting in the subject.

16.) Keep posting etiquette. When RPing, write in 3rd-person (“he”, “she”) instead of 1st-person (“I”, “me”) or 2nd-person (“you”). It makes it so easier to understand. We aren’t grammar Nazis, but we ask you to check your post for mistakes. They will be overlooked, but if in large quantities they will be looked upon as ChatSpeak. Try to avoid one-liners, and if completely necessary, make up for it later. Rambling is not tolerated. Furthermore, keep the posting order the RPing moderator tells you to keep. Don’t be excessively rude (to be explained later), and try to use your own color when speaking (this isn’t really mandatory, though). Your posts should make sense to everyone, including me.
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Forum Rules
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